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Mary Lyons*

Mary Lyons*

Vice President, Sales Development

Mary Lyons is a personal economic strategist at Personal Economics Group (PEG). A top producer nationally for her broker dealer, she built her business through networking and referrals. Her success revolves around a key point: she focuses on teaching her clients how money really works.

Mary helps her clients understand what financial institutions do with their money and then teaches her clients how to use the same processes and products for their own benefit. Mary educates her clients how to use products to create advantages for themselves.

She also educates clients how to potentially increase liquidity without giving up expected returns. She works with them to develop strategies that focus on increasing the flow of money, with each invested dollar providing more than a one-time benefit.

Mary has built lasting relationships with her clients and her philosophy is simple and non-negotiable. She creates financial plans based on strategies verified by an economic systems and does not endorse any particular products.

Mary graduated with honors from the University of Texas. She lives in Dallas with her husband, her young daughter, her son and their dog, Havana. She attends Church of the Incarnation. In her spare time she enjoys reading, crafts jewelry, and considers herself a bit of an artist.