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Already Retired (Retiree)

Being already retired has its own challenges. How do you know how much income your assets might be able to produce for you while still leaving you a high probability of not running out of money during your lifetime? How do you do that and still be able to transfer some of your capital to future generations? How do you protect your financial world during your golden years?

A product is not a strategy. Having a strategy that might combine a number of different financial and insurance vehicles might be a better solution to dealing with some of those challenges.

Did you know that actuaries (those folks who study life expectancies) tell us that for two relatively healthy 65 year olds there is a 50% chance one of them will be alive at age 94?1

At the Personal Economics Group (PEG) we want you to be able to SET it! once you are retired.

We want you to be able to SECURE your income and financial position and also be able to protect it from many of the risks we face in retirement.

We want you to truly be able to ENJOY this time in your life. We want you to have as much income and as many guarantees as we can so you can eliminate the fear of running out of money later on.

We want you to know how to TRANSFER as much of your capital as you wish to future generations so they will be empowered with opportunities in their lives too.

[1] Assumes a person is in good health.  2012 Individual Annuity Mortality Basic Table projected for mortality improvements from base year 2013.  American Academy of Actuaries.