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Many people, including a lot of financial advisors, think their job is to accumulate the biggest pile of assets they can. They focus on investing and on rate of return. It’s like climbing a mountain. What is the point of climbing the mountain? Many, maybe most, would say it is to reach the top.

We would argue that the real point is to reach the top and take a selfie and enjoy the view. But there is more! We want you to be able to come down the mountain and be able to share the selfie with your family and friends.

Retirement is more like coming back down the mountain. The conditions are very different and we have to have a very different focus.

Instead of rate of return, we need to pay attention to withdrawal rates from our assets. We need to know how much income we can generate from those assets so we can have the lifestyles and security we want.

Typical results for clients of the Personal Economics Group (PEG) are that they will enjoy 30% to 70% higher potential retirement incomes than they would have had before they worked with us. While we cannot guarantee that those will be your results, we would like the opportunity to show you what we might be able to do for you.