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Near Retirement

You are almost at the top of the mountain! Now is the time to make sure you understand what is necessary to generate income in retirement. There are three things you want to know before you enter the next phase of your life.

You want to know how much income your assets and pensions will be able to generate for you. You want that income to be as high as possible but you want to have a high probability that you won’t run out of money.

So how long will you need income? Part of solving the income question is making sure you understand the difference between life expectancy and life potential.

The second thing you want to know is how to protect your financial world in retirement. We all pretty much understand the risks of market volatility, inflation and taxes. But, what about the damage an extended health event might cause? Or, the effect of financial cognitive decline?

Finally, you want to know how to effectively transfer capital to future generations. Being able to empower your family with the blessing of capital which comes from good stewardship is an important part of our journey.

Coordinating all three of these areas is vital before you enter into retirement.

Typical results for clients of the Personal Economics Group (PEG) are that they will enjoy 30% to 70% higher potential retirement incomes than they would have had before they worked with us. While we cannot guarantee that those will be your results, we would like the opportunity to show you what we might be able to do for you.