• A new way to plan for the future

    Americans are increasingly challenged by the financial world we live in. We are under pressure today to deal with a rapidly changing environment of taxes, debt, inflation, market volatility and more. Vast amounts of information are available and conflicting opinions are the norm of the day.

    The Personal Economics Group is dedicated to helping you and your family increase their financial security and independence. Our goal is to assist and guide you using an economics based approach which seeks to help you with the resources you command in your personal economy.

    In taking a holistic approach; we encourage you to maximize the protection aspects in your financial life just as we want to try to help you with your financial potential.

    We do this by educating you and helping you understand the different financial choices and strategies available to you. At the Personal Economics Group we believe this is a life-long process. We want to be part of our clients’ lives for many years.